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Pavilion & Stafford, NY

CE–Crocker’s products and services include: dry and liquid fertilizers, "Pop Up" fertilizers, organic fertilizer, crop protection products, ag lime, gypsum, seeds, custom application and spraying, and variable rate application.

We also offer a complete line of micronutrients, adjuvants, surfactants and stimulants to assist in your goal of raising healthy, high-yielding crops.

Authorized Dealer
CEC is an authorized dealer for Pioneer brand seeds. A large line of specialty seeds are available. The Pavilion location also stocks a full line of Seedway brand products, as well as some organic brands, including Albert Lea, King's Agri and Seedway.

Our Goal
Carolina Eastern – Crocker’s goal is to continue to establish long-term customer relationships by offering excellent service, superior quality and sound agronomic practices at fair prices. The net result of high yielding, high quality, healthy crops and healthy, high-producing dairy cows leads to greater profitability for all involved.

Our customer base of vegetable, grain, and legume crop growers include the following crops:

  • Grain corn, soybeans, winter wheat (red and white), oats, barley, rye
  • Hay crops, forages, pastures
  • Beets, cabbage, carrots, sweet corn, cucurbits, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, snap beans, dry beans, peas
  • Other miscellaneous crops

John Deere Financialâ„¢ Financing Available for Crop Inputs & Services for 2024
CE-Crocker is a John Deere Financial merchant. To manage your cash flow and consolidate your Ag purchases on one account, take advantage of three deferred payment plans offered for 2024 inputs. Select from three due dates: December 2024, January 2025, or March 2025.

These terms offer reduced finance rates and your individual CEC invoices may be scheduled for different maturities. Qualifying customers must have an Ag-Preferred John Deere Financial Account that includes Special Terms credit line availability, and a minimum purchase of $1,000.

Contact Ed Urbanik at 585-705-0383 or Kevin Urbanik at 585-409-5254, Credit Co-Managers, for more information OR contact the Stafford office at 800-225-9991/585-345-4141 (locally) or visit www.deere.com for more information.

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CE Creocker
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