CE Crocker

Our Services

CEC owns a vast array of equipment to provide timely service to our customers. We currently have:

• Seven crop sprayers
• Three airflows
• Two self-propelled fertilizer spin spreaders
• Ten self-propelled lime spreaders
• Ten auger tender trucks
• Two dump trailers
• Nine tanker trailers
• Two van delivery trucks
• One van delivery trailer
• Four liquid tender trucks
• Two low-boy trailers
• Two liquid trailer tenders
• Nine pull fertilizer spreaders
• 14 auger trailers
• 13 road tractors
• Two belt trailers

We also lease additional road tractors and equipment, as necessary, to meet demand.

Custom Application:
• Fertilizer: Liquid and Dry - variable rate capabilities, Drop Tubes, Y-Drop, and streambar nitrogen applications
• Ag Crop Protection Products
• Ag Lime
• Gypsum
• Soybean Seed Treatment: seed applied fungicides, insecticides, inoculants, and micronutrients

Soil Sampling
• Including Grid & Zone Sampling

rogator sprayer

Case Sprayer

airflow ag chem


airflow ag chem

truckOne of our Seed Delivery Vehicles



seed treaterSoybean seed treater

seed binsTreated Soybeans

Farm Machinery

Pull Fertilizer Spreader Rentals
Farm MachineryWe have 9 various makes, models, and sizes available