Organic Offerings
Available at our Pavilion location only
6905 Ellicott Street Rd, Pavilion, NY 14525

Dry Fertilizer

Sulfate of Potash 0-0-50-17S
Chilean/Sodium Nitrate 15-0-2
Trio 0-0-22-11Mg-22S
Organic Compost 5-3-2
Organic Chicken Litter Crumbles 5-4-3

Blending available to meet your needs

Bulk & Totes available for dry fertilizer

Micronutrients available upon request

Organic Calcium & Magnesium Limestone, Gypsum

Custom application and spreading is available



Albert Lea Seed; Viking brand seed
Corn, Soybeans, Small Grains & Cover Crops

King's AgriSeeds; Master's Choice, King Fisher & Red Tail brand seed, Corn, Small Grains & Forages

Seedway; Blue River Organic brand
Corn, Soybeans, Small Grains & Cover Crops