What's New at Carolina Eastern-Crocker?

DuPont's 2017 Environmental Respect Award for NYS
We were presented with one of DuPont's highest sponsored awards recently, the 2017 Environmental Respect Award for New York State!

The Purchase of Jeffres Ag Service
Effective March 1, 2017 Carolina Eastern-Crocker, LLC has closed on the purchase of Jeffres Ag Service, LLC in Pavilion, NY.  The Pavilion location will continue to operate and serve customers with the same dedicated, hard-working staff as before, only now as Carolina Eastern-Crocker, LLC ("CEC").

CE-Crocker continues to grow and make investments in our facilities and equipment to help us better serve our customers.

New dry fertilizer load-out building2016: New dry fertilizer load-out building constructed in Stafford

New tractor & feed auger trailer2016: New Tractor & Feed Auger Trailer

Stafford Office 2015: Our Stafford Office

The most exciting recent change at CEC is the completion of our new office building in Stafford, NY. We relocated our office personnel, dispatch, and salesmen to this new modern space. This move will improve our efficiency while still allowing room for growth. Having all salesmen and dispatch under one roof, at the same location as the vast majority of our other employees, plus fertilizer, crop protection products, and equipment, has been a long-term goal that finally reached fruition in January 2015.

truck New in 2014: 4-Hopper tri-axle dry fertilizer tender. Painted pink and adorned with colored "awareness" ribbons to honor all cancer victims

Also new for 2014: See some of our new building construction in progress at Stafford in the aerial picture located on the About Us page.

corn meal dump trailer New in 2013: Dump Trailer for Cornmeal

Liquid Plant New in 2012: Computerized, overhead liquid fertilizer load-out in Stafford

Automated Blending System in Stafford, NY New in 2011: Automated Dry Fertilizer Blending System in Stafford

dry fertilizer bldg New in 2011: Additional Dry Fertilizer Storage

Check out the picture of our soybean seed treater and inoculators on our Services page. We are treating soybeans with seed applied fungicides, insecticides, and inoculants on Pioneer soybeans in totes.